Sunday, October 20, 2013

          Just a few fun photos from this weekend's investigation.

Spent 2 nights in a "haunted" house.  The house was built in 1762, oldest house in the small New Hampshire town.  This is private property.  The landowners graciously let my good friend and Ghost hunting partner Cyndi stay there.   First night while we were in the attic we heard movement and heavy footsteps in the downstairs, We were completely alone in the house...Ghostly footsteps...  We heard many disembodied voices both male and female.  We conducted a séance during which someone or something unseen moved behind Cyndi causing the floor boards to creek.  Several Evps. 
                    Notice anything in the mirror?  There appears to be someone there.
                                For Cyndi was behind the door and I was off to the right of the
                                mirror so that is not I.
                                             The cellar!  the one thing that bothers me....
                                            Photo in the attic

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Took a hike in Pisgah State Park, this cemetery is rumored to be haunted.  Had something or someone follow us up the trail a ways, could hear foot steps other than our own.  Capture an EVP of a little kid giggling as I entered the cemetery. This calls for a return trip.

Up coming event: Spending two nights in a "haunted" house which dates back to 1762, the house has not been altered or modernized in any way.  Everything in the house is it was when it was built.  Former owner was an actress from New York.  At night she would play her flute for her Boa constrictor that lived within the house.  Through out each room there are holes just above the baseboard and five to six inches in diameter, these were for the snake to move from room to room.  We shall see what ghostly activity we can find and any info will be posted come Monday.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(Cemeteries: part 2 Woodland cemetery 2nd trip)

First photo was taken from inside the monument, children who died during the plague are buried within these walls.  Notice the bright "light".  Found that to be extremely interesting since there was nothing at all inside that would create a reflection.

Ghostly Activity at a few Cemeteries:  was able to get several EVP'S as well as some good images.

Odiorne Point State Park : Rye New Hampshire

Visited this area Sunday this fort was used as a gun emplacement during WW II. 
Military were stationed here to protect the coast line.  Very fascinating and yes there was something here with us besides beach goers!