Sunday, March 25, 2012

WoodLawn Cemetery Keene, NH


              If you are looking for paranormal activity, Woodlawn Cemetery has it!  This location is a very beautiful, yet very old cemetery.  It has had many stories and many rumors of different spiritual encounters.
One being that there is a little girl that follows you through the cemetery, making herself very visible to anyone.
Then there is the rumor of an extremly unhappy spirit that is near the Chapel and can be very malevolent. Another is that if you curse near the Chapel that a spirit will come along and wash your mouth out with soap in which case you will have a very distinct taste of soap in your mouth and the scent of soap will be in the air.
(My friend Tracy and I did try this, and however we did not have that experience)

                                     Notice the Orb. We inspected that same spot and found nothing that would
                                     cause a reflection.
        As dusk started to settle in there was distinct heavy footsteps coming from the left side of the Chapel. As though someone was stomping around the corner of the church.  As Tracy and I were standing in front of the Chapel there seemed to be movement all around us, in the trees around some of the headstones.  Tracy could feel a strong presence standing behind her.  There was definetly strong energy and I will say that it was not one, but multiple spirits hanging around.   At one point we were leaning against my car just talking and I looked past Tracy, there were two black figures standing side by side, maybe fifty feet away from us.  Tracy turned and saw them as well, we stood there watching to see if they moved in away, which they did not, I turned the headlights on and they were gone.  Once the headlights were off and our eyes adjusted,  we looked again and this time only saw one black figure.  It was as though we were the ones being watched.  I took a few photography's, trying to get these figures on film, although the photo came out very dark you can still just make out these two black figures.  I walked toward the spot where we saw them, but as I got closer they were gone.   There was a lot of movement in the tree near my car, every so often the branch and the leaves would begin to rustle, but there was no breeze that either of us could feel that would cause it to move, we looked around at some of the other trees that were near us and those were standing still.  Something seemed to have wanted a better look at us or maybe it felt the safest in the tree.
                                 This is the entrance to the plot where the babies that died during the plaque are buried

                                                   A fresh Grave

I did not feel any negative energy, what I did feel was that whatever was with us was very uneasy, restless per-say.  The energy that I felt was that of curiosity.  I will say that Woodlawn Cemetery is indeed haunted.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Madame Cherie's, Chesterfield New Hampshire

    First visit to this estate was about seven years ago.  All that remains of the once beautiful estate is the foundation and the stone arch staircase. There is definetly strong energy here. It is not only attached to the remains of the estate or the ground it sits on, it also consumes the woods and mountains surrounding the property. If you take the walk up the mountain the woods seem silent, you can feel that you are truly not alone.  Feeling of being watched is very strong, there are disembodied voices, shadowy figures darting in and out from behind every tree.
Madame Cherie and her guests seem to have never left the party. 


Orbs:  Spirits or ghosts that appear in the form of a ball of light.  Ranging in all sizes, from as small as a golf ball to as big as a basketball.  These are believed to be the souls of those who have passed on, some may be transparent or even appear as a solid light form.  They say that spirits take on the form of an orb because it uses less energy. 

I have seen many of these in many different places and forms.  When I was young I would see them at a distance.  My first encounter with an orb up close was about 11 years ago.  My fiance' and I went to a small cemetery located in Northfield, Mass. It was a chilly October night, There is a row of older headstones toward the back.  As we entered the cemetery and latched the gate behind us, there was a bit of rustling in the leaves, then up over the top of one of the headstones appeared a large bright orb.  It seemed to get brighter as it came toward us.  It glided silently toward us.
We walked back through the gate to the car and it seemed to just be floating, almost waiting behind the gate for us to return.   It was as though it could not leave the confines of the cemetery.

I am eager to go back in hopes that it still resides within the gates, if not, maybe the lost soul is finally at rest. 


There are several types of haunting's, yet there is no scientific proof that they truly exist.  But if you believe the shadows you see, or the disembodied voices you hear, then who needs more proof than that?

1. Residual Haunting: This type of haunting is caused by a sudden death such as, a murder, or even a suicide. In this case the spirit is reliving the moments they experienced including their death.  Their death seems to keep replaying over and over.

2. Intelligent Haunting: This is called a classic or traditional Haunting. The spirit is very aware of it's surroundings, including you. The spirit can interact with and will respond to things. 

3. Demonic or Inhuman Haunting: These spirits become extremely hostile and very malvoient, in which case may and will cause physical harm to you.