Monday, March 19, 2012


Orbs:  Spirits or ghosts that appear in the form of a ball of light.  Ranging in all sizes, from as small as a golf ball to as big as a basketball.  These are believed to be the souls of those who have passed on, some may be transparent or even appear as a solid light form.  They say that spirits take on the form of an orb because it uses less energy. 

I have seen many of these in many different places and forms.  When I was young I would see them at a distance.  My first encounter with an orb up close was about 11 years ago.  My fiance' and I went to a small cemetery located in Northfield, Mass. It was a chilly October night, There is a row of older headstones toward the back.  As we entered the cemetery and latched the gate behind us, there was a bit of rustling in the leaves, then up over the top of one of the headstones appeared a large bright orb.  It seemed to get brighter as it came toward us.  It glided silently toward us.
We walked back through the gate to the car and it seemed to just be floating, almost waiting behind the gate for us to return.   It was as though it could not leave the confines of the cemetery.

I am eager to go back in hopes that it still resides within the gates, if not, maybe the lost soul is finally at rest. 

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