Monday, March 19, 2012


There are several types of haunting's, yet there is no scientific proof that they truly exist.  But if you believe the shadows you see, or the disembodied voices you hear, then who needs more proof than that?

1. Residual Haunting: This type of haunting is caused by a sudden death such as, a murder, or even a suicide. In this case the spirit is reliving the moments they experienced including their death.  Their death seems to keep replaying over and over.

2. Intelligent Haunting: This is called a classic or traditional Haunting. The spirit is very aware of it's surroundings, including you. The spirit can interact with and will respond to things. 

3. Demonic or Inhuman Haunting: These spirits become extremely hostile and very malvoient, in which case may and will cause physical harm to you.   

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