Sunday, March 25, 2012

WoodLawn Cemetery Keene, NH


              If you are looking for paranormal activity, Woodlawn Cemetery has it!  This location is a very beautiful, yet very old cemetery.  It has had many stories and many rumors of different spiritual encounters.
One being that there is a little girl that follows you through the cemetery, making herself very visible to anyone.
Then there is the rumor of an extremly unhappy spirit that is near the Chapel and can be very malevolent. Another is that if you curse near the Chapel that a spirit will come along and wash your mouth out with soap in which case you will have a very distinct taste of soap in your mouth and the scent of soap will be in the air.
(My friend Tracy and I did try this, and however we did not have that experience)

                                     Notice the Orb. We inspected that same spot and found nothing that would
                                     cause a reflection.
        As dusk started to settle in there was distinct heavy footsteps coming from the left side of the Chapel. As though someone was stomping around the corner of the church.  As Tracy and I were standing in front of the Chapel there seemed to be movement all around us, in the trees around some of the headstones.  Tracy could feel a strong presence standing behind her.  There was definetly strong energy and I will say that it was not one, but multiple spirits hanging around.   At one point we were leaning against my car just talking and I looked past Tracy, there were two black figures standing side by side, maybe fifty feet away from us.  Tracy turned and saw them as well, we stood there watching to see if they moved in away, which they did not, I turned the headlights on and they were gone.  Once the headlights were off and our eyes adjusted,  we looked again and this time only saw one black figure.  It was as though we were the ones being watched.  I took a few photography's, trying to get these figures on film, although the photo came out very dark you can still just make out these two black figures.  I walked toward the spot where we saw them, but as I got closer they were gone.   There was a lot of movement in the tree near my car, every so often the branch and the leaves would begin to rustle, but there was no breeze that either of us could feel that would cause it to move, we looked around at some of the other trees that were near us and those were standing still.  Something seemed to have wanted a better look at us or maybe it felt the safest in the tree.
                                 This is the entrance to the plot where the babies that died during the plaque are buried

                                                   A fresh Grave

I did not feel any negative energy, what I did feel was that whatever was with us was very uneasy, restless per-say.  The energy that I felt was that of curiosity.  I will say that Woodlawn Cemetery is indeed haunted.


  1. I live right near here, and have spent a large amount of time in this cemetery both day and night. I have never seen any evidence of haunting or paranormal activity.

  2. i go there almost everyday. there are squirrels everywhere jumping from branch to i know those rustle noises are from them

  3. I really hope the person who wrote this would be willing to hear what happened to me and my Team, if you see this please contact me, Marsha, at!!

    1. I am always willing to hear your experience, I have been away for awhile so my apologies for a delayed response. I have sent you an email, thank you for your interest.

  4. I caught a picture of a little girl ghost in this cemetery. My name is Ashley. It has won several photography contests. Please contact me

    1. Ashley,i would love to see your pictures and talk with you. Tried emailing you but it failed to go through. Contact me at . Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. I would love to share the photographs with you. In particular a small girl she looks about age 9. You can make out her right eye. Head transparent. Sumner Knight Chapel in the background.

  6. Students from the college here in town like to play with their egos and cause trouble. I've sean the statue with the missing head and limbs. My guess is that they were taken for trophys or tossed in the wood, or what ever.
    I go through this cemetary all the time. I see people using it as a jogging track, a place for a family outing, shnit like that. Seldom people visiting a grave or repecting the memory of a passed freiend or relative.
    There are heavy stones knocked over and quiet a few feet away from whare they belong.
    In short,... I firmly beleive that students or any one at all, may be more likely some folks that love the heck out of Haloween.
    Not saying these things don't happen, but I think there's little likelynes.

  7. I live in Keene and walk through this cemetery quite often. I am a firm believer in the paranormal but have only always felt peaceful vibes when walking through this cemetery. I believe that if you are there out of respect for the ones who have passed the spirits can sense this and will happily let you walk the paths and read the many graves without bothering you. I have seen forms of those who have passed but never in a fearing was more so they just wanted me to know that they were there with me and did not want me to fear them but acknowledge and respect their existence.

  8. Yes, the cemetery definitely is haunted. I'm a Keene native, born and raised in this town my whole life, only moving away to AZ when I was 28 years old. I can't even begin to tell you some of the CREEPY frickin stories surrounding this cemetery. An ex boyfriend of mine had one particular terrifying experience, where he went down there with a neighbor one night, and saw a figure from the waist up (apparently there were no legs) with no eyes standing on the edge of one of the plots. Scared shitless, they ran home. Later that night, we returned with another friend of ours, and while nothing was seen, there was a heaviness to the someone was there, but that we couldn't see. Upon going to the plot the figure had been standing next to, we discovered the grave of someone of someone who had died exactly 100 years ago to that day. We lit some sage, and headed home.

    For as long as I can remember, people have talked about the statues moving, hearing crying, gates banging and closing on their own despite no wind, and other various creepy things. My aunt used to live right across the street from the cemetery, and every now and then, would look out into it and just get really spooked out. She said sometimes it just looked like a normal cemetery, other times it almost took on a completely different look that she couldn't explain.