Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spent 2 nights in a "haunted" house.  The house was built in 1762, oldest house in the small New Hampshire town.  This is private property.  The landowners graciously let my good friend and Ghost hunting partner Cyndi stay there.   First night while we were in the attic we heard movement and heavy footsteps in the downstairs, We were completely alone in the house...Ghostly footsteps...  We heard many disembodied voices both male and female.  We conducted a séance during which someone or something unseen moved behind Cyndi causing the floor boards to creek.  Several Evps. 
                    Notice anything in the mirror?  There appears to be someone there.
                                For Cyndi was behind the door and I was off to the right of the
                                mirror so that is not I.
                                             The cellar!  the one thing that bothers me....
                                            Photo in the attic

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