Thursday, February 9, 2012

Belchertown state school

The energy here is not all negative, but the strongest energy that presents itself is in the building located in the far back corner of the lot.  It seems as though it was at one time the auditorium. I stood in front of that building wanting to take photos but for the life of me I could not move, my feet felt heavy and firmly planted in one spot.  I wanted to get away from this building, turn and run as fast as I could, yet even though I was consumed with the negative energy pouring out of this building the hair on my arms and on the back of my neck was standing on end, there was something deeper pulling me in.  It made me want to closer, I could feel the "tug" on my sleeve whatever it was that was there.

This "bad" energy I believe still lingers on this property because of what really went on there behind closed doors.  For one, the hospital wards were over populated with patients, they were understaffed and there for most of the time the patients who were unable to take care of themselves, let alone feed themselves were left in bed for days, at times laying in their own excrement. They were brutally force fed choking on their food for the simple fact that the "nurse" needed to move on to the next patient.  They were overlooked and uncared for.  I understand that times were hard back then, but these were human beings who were treated like animals or even worse, less that existent.  

The first frontal lobotomy was practiced at Fernald and Wrentham. Belchertown soon followed this "test" procedure in hopes of "curing" the feeble minded. If the patient didn't come through this procedure cured, they were either worse off then they started or they died due to bleeding internally. Shock treatment was introduced and used on a regular basis. Students were had learning disabilities, yet were NOT mentally handicapped were placed at Belchertown.  These kids were used as guinea pigs, test subjects.  They were promised by the staff that if they joined the new "Science group" that they would be giving extra dessert at dinner time, extra food at each meal time, and were promised to be taking to a Red Sox baseball game.  So being children they eagerly joined.  What they did not know was that the staff, MIT and Quaker Oats had put together oatmeal and milk that was radioactive, they fed this to their unsuspecting "science students" to see what they effects would be.  The staff never informed the parents or the students of what they were doing.  Later in life the students that survived have suffered many health issues.  
I believe this property to possess so much negative energy for the simple fact that the patients who lived and died here were so horribly mistreated that even after death they still relive every minute of pain and loneliness that they endured while living.

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