Tuesday, February 7, 2012

state school/belchertown

Lawsuits started in early 1971 and continued until the late 1980's.  It was closed in 1992.  It has been said that the living conditions were barbaric.  It is a place filled with despair. 

My first visit was in September of 2011.  It is an eerie place. The energy that consumes the old wards and the grounds is overwhelming.  As I was taking photographs of one of the old wards I heard a loud growling from behind me.  I turned slowly thinking that it was a dog, for many of the locals walk their dogs there.  As I turned around I found that I was still very much alone. There was nothing there and no one around.  I moved on to the next set of buildings and continued photographing everything, I heard loud moaning as if someone was in pain. It was coming from the boarded up build in front of me.  During my visit I experienced the strong feeling of being followed, there were doors slamming in another one of the wards, as well as crying and giggling.  
One of the out buildings was not sealed so being brave I slowly opened the door, standing behind it I waited a few minutes, I then propped the door open allowing the afternoon light to shine into the room.  I stepped inside the doorway to take my photo, in front of me was a long very dark hallway. As I brought my camera up there was a sudden movement in the hallway, when I looked there was a tall black figured standing there, when it moved into the room off the hallway it moved very fast, I did not find anything in the photo but it was there! This location is filled with negative energy that consumes you.  The feeling of despair is a heavy weight upon you the minute you step foot on the grounds of the Belchertown State School.

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