Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warwick Jail, Warwick Massachuessets

Tucked away, shrouded by trees and overgrowth sits what was once the Warwick Jail.  In it's time it was a minimum security facility, which was in fact what they call a "working prison", meaning that the inmates were put to work in the sawmill located on the property. Those buildings as of right now are still standing.  About two or three years ago I believe the state went in and tore down what remained of the jail and it's out buildings.
As you enter the road/ driveway to your left you would have seen a baseball diamond, to the right stood a whitewashed building that served as a check in station/office/ bunk for the guards on duty.

There was the main building which included a rec area, a cafeteria, offices, bath/showers, and bunk room.  There were no cells from what I have seen, it appears that all the inmates slept in a large open room, they each had a divider between each bunk.

Rumor is that in 1997 or so, a 16 year old girl had joined a party that was being held here. Things soon turned violent and this young girl became the victim of rape, followed by murder.  I do not believe that her murderers were ever found. A few days later her body was found some where on the property.  It is said that her spirit haunts this location.

I have found no sign of a female spirit residing in this location, the only ones that are there for sure are at least to spirits belonging to very large males and one average size man. I say this because on several occasions I was investigating the garage area and as I stood on the second floor landing, I reached for the door handle someone or something very heavy came running up the stairs as it passed me my hair was brushed back. The second time I heard what I happened to be in the jail itself with a friend of mine, we were in the upstairs toward the offices, the last door at the end of the hall was wide open, as we approached that door slammed shut, no breeze or wind had kicked up while we were there, the hall became very dark and "heavy" I moved forward  pushing the door open.  The windows in this particular room had been boarded up, the walls, floors and boards over the windows were covered in dried blood, bloody hand prints smeared the walls. The air became quite cold, I decided that it was time for us to leave and that we do so calmly.  As we came up the hall way toward what would have been the front offices again came the heavy running footsteps. Almost as though it was chasing us out.
The third spirit that I had mentioned before about being an average size male, In a photo that I took of inside the bunk area there is a hole in the wall on the far side, there appears to be a young mans face looking in at us, only he is almost translucent, I am trying to "debunk" it before I say true or false!  The buildings are completely gone now, all that is left is an over grown empty lot, and two stone posts as you turn in the drive.

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